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Friday, March 16, 2012

Aiden's Crapshoot Review for 3/14/12: Saga #1

 Saga #1: Story - Brian K. Vaughan, Art - Fiona Staples, Letters/Design - Fonografiks, Pulisher - Image

I'll start by saying I had Saga pegged as awesome from the get-go. You know how they say "never judge a book by it's cover?" Well, fuck them. Always judge it by the cover when said cover is done by the fabulous Fiona Staples and has the letters B, K, and V attached to it, respectively.

This book is gorgeous outside and in, and the story and fantabulous. Immediately, there is funky space-people in a makeshift maternity garage, giving birth to a bloody little thing with horns and wings. If you're not hooked already, go read A Passage to India or something, you prude. With the wonderful aesthetics of Staples' art, B.K.V's story, and Fonografiks' lettering, this book has already become one I'm picking up every Wednesday that it graces the table.

Aside from all the pretty, it does what all art does at it's finest: imitates life, while adding laser guns. As a parent myself, I can see the parallel for bringing a child into a world that kind of sucks (though I think it's safe to say that we're not ruled by prematurely ejaculating TV-headed robots), having parents and friends that don't exactly agree with your choice of partner, and the fear that your kid might have an even worse world to live in once they're grown. It could also be that I'm reading too far into it and this is just a crazy-ass funnybook about goat-people, wing-people, and indiscriminate amounts of sex. Either way, I'm sold.

In short, you should probably buy this book. It's printed on great stock, has one of the best creative teams ever, and it's still only $2.99. Do this, and we'll be friends. Swearsies.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anne's Crapshoot Review for 3/14/12: Saucer Country #1

I'm pretty much always willing to give new Vertigo titles a shot. I can't help it, they've rarely led me astray. So, this week I snagged one of the very last issues of Saucer Country #1 when I got into the shop.

But now that I've read this I'm... not entirely sure what to say about it.

Don't interpret that sentence as me thinking the comic was bad or anything, because it wasn't. I'm probably going to pick up the second issue, at least, to see if I can get more into it. But as it stands, I'm not sure what to think about it.

For a science-fiction story about alien abductions and a dude that sees... uh... a four inch tall couple called Pioneer 10, it's very politically minded. I mean, that can't be a huge surprise or anything considering the elections are this year, of course there's going to be comics written with the presidential elections in mind. But, I'm admittedly not someone that follows politics because it always just irritates me and makes me angry. And you don't want to see an angry Anne. And this story circles around a Mexican-American woman running for president who believes she was abducted by aliens. She hasn't said that to the public, of course, but still.

It also follows a professor who gets put on probation from the university he works for because he published a book explaining why he believes in the existence of aliens. He's the one that sees the Pioneer 10 couple, and he seems like a character that could keep me reading this title.

All in all, I thought that the art was fantastic, but I fell in love with Ryan Kelly's work when he did New York Five, even without color his art made me continue to follow that series. And Paul Cornell is a pretty good writer, too. Just to name a few things he's done that I've liked, he's currently writing Demon Knights and in the past he wrote the Knight and Squire mini-series that I loved a couple of years ago, as well as three episodes of Doctor Who ("Father's Day", even Jeremy saw that one, and liked it, "Human Nature", and one of my favorite episodes of the new series, "Family of Blood.")

This story is definitely for someone, likely someone a touch more politically minded than I am, but I still enjoyed it anyway.

Anne's Covers of the Week for 3/14/12 Have Very Little In Common

Charmed #19 by David Seidman

Don't worry, I was just as shocked that Charmed made my list as you are. But what can I say? I love this cover. A lot.

Dark Shadows #4 by Aaron Campbell (teeth) Francisco Francavilla (Barnabas)

I had to put these down as a tie. I love both, and I know Jeremy's going to be ten kinds of excited that I picked a Francavilla cover.

Locke & Key: Clockworks #5 by Gabriel Rodriguez

I love the art of Locke & Key, even if I do trade-wait for the arcs. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate the covers in the meantime though!

Resurrection Man #7 by Raphael Albuquerque

I love his art. Period. The end.

X-23 #21 by Kalman Andrasofszky

It's Laura vs. wolves! Yaaaay!


Mister Terrific #7 by J.G. Jones

As Buffy once said to The Master, "You have fruit punch mouth."

That aside I've hated these covers. A lot. Last month he fought against an American Gladiator. I can see that the artist has ability, but it's squandered on this title. Especially since almost every issue has a very similar layout.

But hey. At least there's no floaty globey ball things on this cover!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Batman and Swamp Thing #10 covers, and other artistry

Earlier on Twitter, some fine gentlemen by the names of Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Raphael Albuquerque, and Francesco Francavilla posted some upcoming covers and other art on Twitter.  Perhaps you've heard of these guys...

Batman #10 by Greg Capullo. I want to offer an official apology to Capullo.  I used to read Spawn, and had 1-115, the Spawn/Batman thing, all that jazz.  Just up and got sick of it one day, and got rid of it all.  When I first heard Capullo was going to be on Batman, I was kind of turned off from the idea, due to the Spawn thing.  I am a damn fool idiot.  Capullo KILLS IT on this book.  Christ he's good.  There's definitely notes of pre-crazy Frank Miller through his work on this book.  The rooftop scene in issue #1 between Batman and Commissioner Gordon sealed it for me.  That quick.  My apologies for ever doubting you, good sir.  Not only is this amazingly well written, it looks utterly fantastic.  It's a classic run in the making, and I want this creative team to stay together.

The original Swamp Thing #10 by Bernie Wrightson.  Fun Fact:  I picked this up for a buck back in, oh, 1999 or so from some guy who sold comics at an antique place at the mall where I worked.  First Swamp Thing book I ever bought.  The lady who ran the place had it at $20, but he gave it to me cheap because I'd spent loads with him before, and would come by on my lunch breaks and chit chat about comics.  Dude was cool, then just vanished from the shop and left his booth intact.

And here's Yanick Paquette's homage to it.  I absolutely dig it.  Swamp Thing has been one of my favorite titles of the New 52, and Paquette's art is no small part of that.

I love the old school monster movie covers that Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE has had going on, and this is right in line with them.

Finally, American Vampire #28 by Raphael Albuquerque.  I trade wait for this book.  This cover makes me wish I didn't.  Maybe I will quit with this issue.  Seems like as good a place as any.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Jeremy's Crapshoot Review for the week of 3/7/12: Avengers Academy #27

Anne keeps telling me this book is great, but I just haven't been able to garner any interest in it.  Then Marvel goes and tosses the Runaways into the mix.  I absolutely loved The Runaways until Joss Whedon came and burned the place down, pissed on the ashes, and left Humberto Ramos to draw dicks in the soot left on everything.  Even Terry Moore could not rescue that book from their reign of terror.

Lets start with this cover; There is nothing at all interesting about it, save for Molly punching the snot out of the love child of Red Skull and Colossus.  His name is Mettle.  I hate this book already.  I've seen David LaFuente do some good work, but it looks like he just Greg Landed Karolina up at the top facing off against whoever the other blonde is. Also, whoever is in charge of banners at Marvel went nuts with this thing.

It seems that Christos Gage wants this book to have a similar feel to Wolverine and the X-Men, and those first three issues of Avenging Spider-Man.  It's really missing a lot of the charm those two titles have.  It may be an unfair comparison, because those titles are fantastic, but Gage is trying for the banter and quirky humor.  It's just misfiring a tad.  There are a few funny bits though, mainly with the two youngest members of the Runaways.

Now, if you're a fan of The Runaways, I do think you'll enjoy this.  It begins to close up some plot threads that were left hanging.  Oddly enough, it totally ignores another...  If you're not a fan of The Runaways, you might not care about this story, because it is more about the Runaways than not, and has some "need to know" backstory.  If you haven't read the Brian K. Vaughn Runaways stuff, you also won't care, but wait one second here...





NOW! that you've bought those, back to Avengers Academy. I'm not familiar with these characters, save for Tigra and Giant man, and I find every one of them completely unlikable, in the sense that I find all the teens that hang out outside the local Barnes and Noble completely unlikable.  There is a bit where a character has come out of the closet, and Gage is trying to be funny with it.  It doesn't quite work, and reads somewhat like the Ted Turner AOL bit from the first issue of Marville, but, it also doesn't club you over the head with the issue, so that I appreciate. 

Remember my little dinosaur spiel last week?  I meant to get an issue of Jurassic Strike Force 5 this week, but totally forgot.  But, my love of dinosaurs was sated with this.  The last page turn has a HELL YEAH semi-cliffhanger moment.  It's less that I just HAVE to get next issue because I have a liking for a character and I need to know what happens, and more "That is so f'ing ridiculous that I love it and have to know what happens".  I aim to keep these spoiler free, so I really can't discuss much, but there is an appearance of a seldom used Kirby creation.

As for the series, I am not particularly impressed, though I am also not tossing the book out in disgust.  It's not my cup of tea, though not bad. I'm grabbing the next issue because I want to finish the Runaways story, and then forgetting about Avengers Academy from here on out.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jeremy's covers of the week for 3/7/12 have completely lost their snogging minds

Formatting this a wee bit different than usual today.  Also I am delirious from lack of sleep.

Lone Ranger #3 by Francesco Francavilla

No more words. Just this from now on when we get a Francavilla cover...

 Fairest #1 by Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes draws pretty ladies.  This is a lot of pretty ladies.  I am partial to the redhead on the far right.

iZombie #23 by Mike Allred

These covers are generally great, but brainburgers steals the show.  Double brainburgers even.  That's brain gluttony.

Infestation 2: Electric Boogaloo: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 by menton3 and fuck I give up on this...

My money is on Raph.

 Swamp Thing #7 by Yanick Paquette.

I wanted to set this image a little larger, and without the banner and cover copy to showcase how great it is.  Here is an even larger version.  It's fantastic.  It was my desktop for a while after Paquette released it on his DeviantArt page.

Dishonorable Mention: Justice League International #7 by David Finch

DC, it's ok to admit you made a mistake here.  I read something else earlier that mentioned everyone else was probably snickering when you guys signed Finch.  It's probably true.  The variants he did, and now this, have been atrocious.  Better than I could do, but that's not really saying much.  Godiva looks like a RealDoll.  Vixen looks like she's less knocked out and injured, and more having happy happy daydream sunshine time.  Or getting pleasured off panel maybe.  Guy looks like he's slyly checking out Boosters ass.  Someone should Photoshop Booster opening the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.