Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anne's Crapshoot Review for 3/7/12: Fairest #1

I'm going to start out with a simple four-word sentence here.

I love this comic.

Seriously, it was fantastic. I mean, alright. I've been a fan of Fables for ages now, I've read every issue, pick up the mini-series that tie in to it, tried to read Jack of Fables but got kinda bored, all of that. It's a fantastic concept and it's wonderfully executed. And with Fairest I did expect to enjoy it, but I ended up loving it even more than I thought it would.

Even though the amazing wraparound cover (see my covers of the week for more thoughts on it!) contains twelve chicks and one dude (and, to be honest, I'm not quite sure if that's Prince Charming or Ali Baba, but he's probably one of them!) the story in this first issue does follow Ali Baba more than anyone else, but Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) does, in fact, play a key part in it.

If you're a Fables fan, pick this up. Like, right now. And if you've never read Fables before, then I understand. This might not be the most perfect spot in the world to start reading it, but it's better than most. It seems like it's going to slowly introduce you to the universe(s) they live in with this series, and for new readers that's always a good thing.

Get it. Read it. Love it. Especially if you like alternate takes on fairy tales as much as I do.

I apologize for my abuse of the exclamation key throughout this review.

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